Vanguardian Global

Innovative leaders with a powerful network of influence to empower others. With our creative mindset, we produce impactful global events that provide platforms for NEW and seasoned speakers in collaboration with sponsors to deliver an exhilarating experience for the audiences we serve. In addition to events, we handle talent bookings and business consulting. Our global database is unmatchable. 

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DISC Assessment

Learn your communication style now! 

  • Identify your superpowers and utilize them effectively. 

  • Recognize your leadership style for efficient communication in the workplace.

  • Build a stronger rapport with your colleagues.

  • Learn to use the platinum rule.

Dear U, Love me

Through life lessons, much has been revealed. This a podcast set up for one to write letters to their younger selves anonymously. Oftentimes we miss the important message because we are too focused on the messenger. The written letters will be read and discussed with the intent to help anyone that may relate to a letter or situation. Writing is Therapy! Please submit your letters, your written words could change someone's life.

Right Hand to the Champ

Tasha's personal memoir that pivots around the time she worked with  World Boxing Champion -Floyd Mayweather Jr. This is NOT a "Tell All". Tasha speaks very candidly however she reveals life lessons that have impacted her personal growth. This is Tasha's first book but definitely not her last.