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Summer is Over, Back to School

I always wondered why it was so hard for me to fall asleep the night before the first day of school... It didn't matter what grade I was in or how prepared I was. That night was restless filled with anxiety and expectations of what the next day would be like. Now that I'm a parent, I see that it wasn't just me. All kids go through this at least the first day. This year I decided to wake my son up extra early on Sunday ( which is the day before the BIG 1st Day) and I planned to tire him out..

First we will got up at our usual 8am and prepared to goto to Sunday school which will begin promptly at 930am and over by 1025am then we went home to change clothes and went to catch an early matinee "Southside with her" then lunch at his 2nd favorite restaurant Brios, my favorite which we discuss our school year goals, and yes I said our because we both contribute to the success of his year. He maintains his grades and I make sure he eats, sleeps and balance his school work and extra curricular activities such as football.

This isn't a walk in the park as seen on TV. Seriously, have you seen "Bad Moms"? When the school bell rings even the parents have to get on task. Summertime is over!! As a parent I feel a part of the excitement too- my anxiety usually happens the day of school, I have to wait until he gets home to get the details of his day; how are your teachers, which friends do you have classes with that I may know from previous years, do you see any immediate challenges and who he ate lunch with. Oh trust me I grilled the child.

This morning when I asked him to take a 1st day of school photo for me, he told me "No"! I was like, is this my child who loves the camera.. He said " Mom, everyone does that" I was like and.... his reply "I was born to stand out not to fit in" So let's try something a little different this year, lets do a photo shoot for every goal I achieve and maybe do a recording so I can tell my story how I did it and inspire others." I mean really, what do you say to that. I just respected his wishes and wished him well.

My son is maturing and I am very proud of him. Anyway, I can't wait until he gets homes so i can get all the details.... I mean, hmmm I wonder now if he will even tell me everything? Welcome to my life- Mother of a seventh grade boy.... stay tuned I'm sure there will be more.

How did back to school go for you and your children? I'd love to hear from you... share your thoughts with me...

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