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Mixing Family & Business

I guess you really have to understand the family dynamic here. My aunt Beverly, my fathers baby sister, who is more like an older sister to me. Her first born, my first cousin Ernest James Hatter III is now my client.

His nickname when he was first born was "Jun Joon" lol he is probably going to fire me now that I actually published this. Growing up and even now, my family is very close, it's crazy because siblings and first cousins are just like siblings where we come from. I guess that stems from how my grand-parents were raised and how they raised us- family is everything and we must always stay connected no matter what. That's one thing I miss about my grandfather and my father- they made sure we knew our family and the values. However, today it's up to us to carry out what they instilled in us.

I stopped entertainment management years ago, just recently I found myself coming out of retirement for my cousin. James knew my husband and I have been in the entertainment world as long as he could remember. So, when he reached out to me for advice, instead of just advising him and pointing him in the right direction I stepped up and decided to take on the role of management and lead him in the right direction.

James Hatter III- Actor/ model professionally, but a family man at heart. James was born in Houston, Texas. He is the oldest child between his parents who were high school sweethearts that eventually married and later divorced. Although his parents divorced and both remarried happily, there is still a bond that keeps the families blended as one.

James has 3 younger brothers and 3 younger sisters, who love him dearly. Currently, Mr. Hatter resides in Atlanta, GA home of the Atlanta Falcons, he is a true fan of the black and red. James has a beautiful daughter Ensley Jane, who truly owns his heart.

Recently, he got a call from a friend who was working on the set of the most anticipated hip hop film to date. All Eyez On Me, is the biopic of Hip hops legend Tupac Shakur. James was asked to come to the set and audition for the role of Yaki Kadafi (Tupac best friend). After one look at James, they closed the session and immediately casted him. James admits he never acted before, however, he has done some modeling as a youth and always thought about furthering his career as an actor and model, but it was all about timing.

Since being on set and completion of the film, James has been taking acting classes and engaging in multiple workshops. Between training and auditions, James work with The A Team Moving company, family owned and operated business. I guess one could say that how he keeps his arm muscles so tone.

Many say, you can't mix family and business, I beg to differ. I feel that when you have your family around you that keeps you grounded and aware and when you are working with family you are thinking of ways to build and better the situation, not only for self, but for other family members... Most people go to work to do what? Feed their families so they can all eat- so my question is why not mix family and business, this is one way to assure we all have a common goal? To eat together!

What are your thoughts on mixing family and business? I'd love to hear from you... contact me today and lets chat!

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