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About that Vegan life in Vegas

When I turned 32 I said I wanted to be a vegetarian. Key words: "said" and "wanted"- LOL.

I remember this being right after I had my son and my body not bouncing right back like it did after I had my daughter, 8 years prior when I was 24.

My family relocated to Cairo, Egypt and I thought this would be easy for me to do moving out of the country. The move and not eating my normal food only made me crave everything I was use to at home. I literally use to call internationally to my Grandmother’s house in Saginaw, Michigan just to find out what they were eating that Sunday. If you ever tasted my Grandmother’s cooking, you would understand that desire.

Nevertheless, when we returned to the United States I was trying to eat at every restaurant I could think of that I missed. Vegetarian who? Vegetarian what?

Today I decided to become a Vegan, I know that’s a long stretch and a bit drastic but not really. For the past year I have been a Pescatarian, for those who don’t know what that is- I didn’t eat meat but I ate fish. My reason was I wanted to lose weight, wrong reason because it didn’t work at all.

Becoming a vegan has nothing to do with losing weight.. well, maybe a little. However, I feel that proper food intake, diet, rest and exercise will take care of that. I just have to be true to myself and that’s the real deal. Really becoming a vegan is more than just losing a few pounds, it’s about a healthier lifestyle change for me.

As I grow older, I’m noticing foods that agree and disagree with my body and how I feel after I eat them. Also I am paying attention to my energy level, I’m not one to take supplements, so eating proper foods to give me the boost I need is my choice and deducting what I don’t need. It’s not for everyone so don’t think I’m going to go around trying to convert anyone.

This is my choice, it’s been 4 successful days and I have no complaints or craves for anything just my nuts, berries and fruit. I know there is more to come I’m headed to Trader Joes to grocery shop…

I would love to hear some vegan meal suggestions and transformation experiences or attempts... Contact me today!


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