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Creative Innovative Leader


It is no secret I have led a fascinating life. I believe everyone has a story to tell, the question is will they tell it or not? Throughout my journey, I learned many lessons, which have allowed me to acquire knowledge through personal experience and education. I believe in the philosophy ‘if you are not learning, you are not really living. Perhaps just existing… My professional career started off a bit different than most, I made some decisions that weren’t very traditional where I come from.


After graduating high school, I moved to Atlanta to attend college.  I knew that getting an education was the tool I needed to take me to the next level in my life. Although, it didn’t really happen that way for me. While attending college I met some really interesting and artistic individuals that I began to align within a business and creative space. I was slowly being drafted into the music business. At that time, I became a product of my environment. I was surrounded by eager, creative and talented people- giving everything they had to their craft. This was intriguing to me. So much that I took a break from college to pursue my own creative aspirations. Not that taking the break from college was my most wise move, because I found myself still taking courses in film and acting. I was going to have to learn before I earned no matter what I did.


During this time, I took opportunities to work with some amazing heavy hitters in the entertainment world today. I guess this is where I can name drop, Xscape, Jermaine Dupri, So So Def, LaFace Records, TLC, Usher, Outkast to name a few. However those are familiar celebrity names but just as important to me are the people that worked behind the scenes that helped position these artists for success. Ian Burke, Shanti Das, Sheri Riley, Davette Singletary (RIP), Tashion Macon, Chelsea Patterson, Billie Woodruff and so many others during this impactful ATL movement. For me it wasn’t the fame or fortune but the level of mentorship and genuine love that flowed between the creatives, the execs and the community. Everyone had a relevant  and respected role and that was the first glimpse of business culture I witnessed.


The journey continued in 1995 when I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada to join my family who also relocated from my hometown Lansing, Michigan a year prior. At this time I was ready to take my knowledge and resources to break ground in an untapped Las Vegas when it came to entertainment as I knew it. Although Las Vegas has been labeled “ the entertainment capital of the world” my vision was a different version of that. I aligned my network with my work ethic and began to produce and promote events in Las Vegas. I tapped into the local market and eventually collaborated with top DJ’s and other promoters in the city.


During this time I was introduced to Floyd Mayweather, Jr.  Floyd and I inevitably began to work together. I was a major player and contributor to the Mayweather Brand. I worked with Floyd during some of the most pivotal times in his life and mine. I eventually penned and published my first book about some of my experiences and my lessons. Right Hand to the CHAMP:13 Lessons that changed my life. In 2009, I parted ways with the Mayweather business ventures and began my own. I partnered with Tiffany House and opened Treasures Consignment Boutique & Salon and made other business investments that have allowed me to be comfortable as I traveled to the next phase of life.


In 2012 I loss one of the most important pillars of my life, my father to Cancer. 2013 I decided to close Treasures Consignment Boutique and take some personal time off to reassess what would be next. In 2015 I decided to take a leap in corporate america, working with ActionCOACH Business Coaching. This is when everything really started to make sense for me. Every career move I made up to this point prepared me for what I was about to self discover working in the business coaching industry. After working amongst so many super sheros and heroes, I finally recognize my own superpowers.


CONNECTION, COLLABORATION & CREATIVITY and how to use them effectively. I have sat at some great tables with fantastic views and VIP service. Today, I have my own table, it’s called Vanguardian Global- I welcome those who are at the forefront of action and movements. Let’s just say life definitely is a full circle and we are not always expected to get everything in the first round. 

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