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Creative innovative leader with a superpower of connection and collaboration. Tasha is optimistic and confident that any task she is presented with, she will personally get done or will connect you with the right person or team to reach the goal. She is authentic and personable.



Connection & Collaboration

Tasha is seasoned and connected. Her personal profile is as impressive as her professional profile. Tasha has aligned and worked with many influential people in her lifetime. She is the vanguard of multiple exhilarating global events. Tasha is an expert when it comes to booking the right speaker or talent for the audience she serves. 

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I sustain myself with the love of family."
Maya Angelou
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I enjoy traveling. Not just for a vacation but for education. Familiarizing myself with multiple cultures to enhance my thoughts. "It's better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times...
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I make it a priority to spend quality time with my girls. This is a huge part of my self-care initiative. We laugh, we cry and we sharpen each other's irons.  "We have a song that everyone knows ALL the words to..."
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(1)Tasha often expresses that writing can be therapy.
(2)Grab a pen and paper and let it all out!
(3) Everything that is written doesn't have to be published.

Certified Behavior Practioner

Tasha is passionate about helping others identify their superpowers and how to utilize them when working a room. 

She would like to invite you to take this assessment that will help you measure and provide insight into 4 primary personality tendencies and emotions everyone has.

Once you take the assessment, you can schedule a one on one session with Tasha to understand your blend of styles based on the assessment. 

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Dear u, 

Born & raised in Michigan- I enjoyed my childhood. Raised with my two younger brothers by our young Mom and Dad (Fab 5), spoiled by my godmother, and smothered with love and good cooking amongst my aunts, uncles, and cousins almost every sunday as we gathered at my grandparents house.

After high school, I moved to Atlanta, GA and attended Spelman College. I also attended Alliance Theater School- I always loved the arts. I knew one day I would grow up and be on tv or onstage. I appeared on the big screen a couple times and landed a few leading acting roles on the stage. I met my soulmate during this time and in 1995 we moved to Las Vegas, NV where we got married and started our family. We have two amazing children. We took a break from our Las Vegas lifestyle to live abroad for a couple years (2003-2005) while my husband was working in Cairo, Egypt. He actually traveled there first and set up everything because I was pregnant at the time. We all joined him after our son was born. This life experience was priceless for our family. When we returned to Las Vegas- about a year later my life turned upside down. My younger brother was killed due to gun violence- a huge part of me crumbled.... In 2012 my father passed away due to cancer. Our original family of 5 turned into 3. My mother, brother and I are really one. Family is the root of my motivation. After enduring many life challenges, I decided to write about it. I felt this was a part of  my therapy and could also be a part of someone else's. I believe deflection is an infection. I have learned to embrace my breakdowns, that usually happen before a breakthrough. 



Audience Served

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